predictive analytics
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  • Automate and complement your process.
  • Low or No Code users can use our Zapier Integration.
  • Developers can use REST API and our Webhook Integration. Signup to start automating

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Email Digests

  • Get a well-designed and concise email digest of summaries at fixed intervals.
  • Batch summarized content into email digests.
  • Configure how often to get the digests, like Once every 24, 12, 6, 3 hours, or every hour.
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Browser Extensions

  • Summarize items directly from your browser using our extensions.
  • Select text and summarize or summarize links on the page or the entire page itself.
  • Supports Chrome, Edge, Brave, or Firefox. Signup to start using the Extensions.

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App Integrations

  • Send summarized items to other apps.
  • Productivity apps like Notion, Slack, Trello, Evernote, and Todoist are supported.
  • With our Slack integration, you can create, view, search and categorize summaries within it.

Export as PDF

  • Export summarized content as searchable PDF files.
  • Choose Dropbox or Google Drive as the destination to store the PDF files.
  • Dropbox PDF files, when synced with your PC, are searchable from Apple Spotlight or Cmd-E.


  • You can search for summaries on the web and mobile.
  • Search will match content from the title, summarized content, author, or URL.
  • Local PC based search will also work when using the Dropbox PDF export Integration.