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The Owner-Free File System (OFF System, or OFF for short) is a peer-to-peer distributed file system in which all shared files are represented by randomized multi-used data blocks.
The OFF System is a kind of anonymous, fully decentralized P2P file sharing program and network.
In contrast to other anonymous file sharing networks, which derive their anonymity from forwarding their data blocks via intermediate network nodes, OFF derives its anonymity from anonymizing the data files.
block cache, choose the tuple size (default 3), split the source file into blocks of size 128 KiB (pad with random data to fit) and for each, do the following:. Finally, store the descriptor list in its own block (or blocks, if the list is larger than 128 KiB) and insert these blocks into the block cache and generate an OFF URL for referencing the source file and output it to the user or into the local OFF URL database.
To retrieve, obtain the descriptor block or blocks and for each contained set of size , do the following:. OFF derives its anonymity from the following:. Because OFF anonymizes the data blocks being exchanged instead of the network, no forwarding via intermediate nodes is required.
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